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This blog contains a handful of original articles regarding the Whatsapp tracking subject. We focus our efforts on the most interesting topics. If you're interested to become more knowledgable regarding this peculiar world, or if you would like to read some interesting stories, we invite you to read us.

How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp [100% Certainty]

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With our solution you will know with 100% certainty if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp. This is a quick bulletproof method we've tested on thousands of numbers and never failed.

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Whatsdog: Why It Doesn't Work Anymore [And How To Solve]

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Have you used Whatsdog in the past and you would like to use it again? I did too, but here is what I found after a long and deep research:

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WhatsApp Hack Only With Phone Number [2021 Hack Tool]

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Simple tool to hack someone's WhatsApp using only their phone number. It works even if you have been blocked. It's 100% anonymous, the person will never know that you're hacking their WhatsApp.

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Chatwatch: Everything You Need To Know [Before Using It]

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Have you used chatwatch recently? Did you think it was a perfect way to track your loved ones on Whatsapp? I did it too and here is what I found:

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