Chatwatch: Everything You Need To Know [Before Using It]

Have you used chatwatch recently? Did you think it was a perfect way to track your loved ones on Whatsapp? I did it too and here is what I found:

First Impressions on Chatwatch

My first impressions were positive. It has a nice website and it seems pretty straightforward in what it offers, which I like.

What I did not like is that it claims to be "The original Whatsapp tracker" which we know for a fact it's not true. The first Whatsapp tracker ever invented it's called Whatsdog. Unfortunately it doesn't exists anymore. I already talked about it in another post and explained the reasons why it doesn't exists.

Apart from that, I liked the way Chatwatch presents itself and it spiked my interest. The features it advertises are:

So I decided to make an account and see for myself.

Very Short Free Trial

The greeting screen when I verified my email wasn't welcoming. I just signed up and they immediately asked for my card. It's not a big deal, if I like the service I can pay a few dollars, but let me first verify that it actually works!

Anyway I started the most short lived Free Trial I've ever seen. 8 hours? Is that a joke? No free trial at all would have been the same. The number I followed didn't even go online at all in that time.

Chatwatch dashboard screenshot

Sporadic incidents

Unfortunately I decided to buy the weekly plan anyway to try the service. This was a decision I later regretted, but for the first week it worked most of the time. Apart from 3/4 incidents where I saw the contact online on Whatsapp but Chatwatch didn't informed me.
I wanna tell you what I think about Chatwatch interface for a second and then I can tell you what I discovered.

Select the Contact Every Single Time

I don't know you, but if there is a thing that bothers me about some websites is when they are not as quick to use as they can be.

Do I really have to click every single time the same contact to see if there are updates? It's not a problem the first times, even the first days, but then it quickly becomes tedious.

Chatwatch manual refresh is awful

If I have to manually refresh the page every time I want to see an update, I could have checked Whatsapp itself.

The "Online History" section of Chatwatch seems nice and intuitive at first glance. But when you start to use it daily, you quickly notice that it's a nightmare if you're trying to check a precise time. At least with seconds precision (sometime it's really needed).

Chatwatch online history screenshot

Chat Probability Between 2 Numbers

This is the most ridiculous part of Chatwatch. Until now I had some disappointment, but I was still quite happy that the main feature worked (wait till the end...).

The comparison between 2 numbers is helpless. It's sold as if it uses AI and other some advanced techniques. The purpose should be to find out whenever two numbers are chatting together.

The sad reality is that it's the same "Online History" chart duplicated. Besides they added a "Score" value that doesn't mean anything to me. It certainly doesn't tell me if 2 numbers are chatting. A big disappointment especially considering what they advertise.

Chatwatch Notifications Don't Work on iPhone

I have an iPhone and unfortunately I couldn't use Chatwatch "web notifications" features.
This meant that I could only receive notifications on the laptop. This one it's a big handicap for a Whatsapp tracker.
The main feature of a service like this it's to inform on time when someone is online. I need notifications! Otherwise what am I paying for...?

What I Discovered At The End

I kept using Chatwatch even with all these issues because I had no better alternative at the moment. I needed a Whatsapp online tracker in my everyday life for many reasons.
So after a week I choose to pay an annual subscription because I wanted to save some money. Little did I know that this was a really bad decision.
After a few days Chatwatch completely stopped working!

Is it a Chatwatch temporary issue?

I first thought they would solve the issue soon, since it happened other times that it didn't work for a while. But no, this time was different. I even tried to follow my own number, but nothing. It wasn't able to detect anything on Whatsapp anymore!

I got frustrated and angry and I wrote to their support email, but I got no success at all. After a few days they replied with a standard email and that was it.

I then found out the reviews of other Chatwatch users. They were stating similar experiences and so I understood. I got scammed.

Scam alert

What Did I Do Next?

I refused to use another Whatsapp online tracker for a while after this awful experience.
Sometimes I logged in Chatwatch to see if something changed, but with no success.

After some weeks I took a decision. I wanted to create a reliable Whatsapp tracker with many cool features. To solve all the issues I had with Chatwatch and with other trackers.

It took me months, but after LOT of hard work and the great team I built, I finally achieved my goal. It's a product I made first for myself because I need it in my everyday life. But I decided to let people with a real interest use it too.

My solution: I Know You Are Online

How does it solves the issues of Chatwatch?

It's called I KNOW YOU ARE ONLINE and if you want to give it a try I would be thrilled.

Thanks for reading!