How To Know If Someone Blocked You On Whatsapp [100% Certainty]

With our solution you will know with 100% certainty if someone has blocked you on Whatsapp. This is a quick bulletproof method we've tested on thousands of numbers and never failed.

1. Other common methods

Being blocked on Whatsapp by someone we care is a horrible experience. You never know for certain if the other person has blocked you. So you should remove the doubt from the equation and know the full truth.

We'll explain why all the common methods people try when they have a suspect fail. And we'll also explain why they never give the definitive proof. Then you'll learn our unique and bulletproof method with zero risk on your side.

2. No Profile Picture [Why it doesn't mean anything]

Whatsapp no profile picture. Default profile picture.

The first thing you notice when someone blocks you is that the profile picture disappears. You can no longer see their picture neither in the contacts list nor in the chat. This is usually the first indicator, but it does not guarantee that someone has blocked you at all.

They could have removed their profile picture

If you're thinking that this is not likely for the type of person you suspect. Consider that there are many reasons for removing it. 

It's possible that he/she didn't want to show the current profile picture to someone new they had to chat with. For example a new boss at work or a job interview. 

It could be that this person decided to removed the profile picture to let you think that you've been blocked when you're not. This could have been done on purpose to trigger an emotional response from you or from another person.

It's possible that they didn't like their old picture anymore and they're waiting to upload the new one.

There could be infinite reasons for removing the profile picture.

Whatsapp remove profile picture confirmation popup

They could have changed their privacy settings

The privacy settings on Whatsapp can be manually set to show the profile picture only to contacts in your address book. This means that this person could have removed you from the address book to not show you their new profile picture. 

If you were not in the address book in the first place, their privacy settings change has affected you, but you've not been blocked necessarily.

Again someone can do this for many reasons and you cannot know if this was targeted at you or not.

Whatsapp privacy settings for profile picture

The profile picture method doesn't work for every number

Not everyone chooses to have a profile picture on Whatsapp. If the person you suspect has never had a profile picture this method is completely useless to you. Luckily what we're going to explain soon works in any case, no exceptions.

3. Check the Whatsapp Status

The status is another interesting indicator. But it's very similar to the profile picture. Both in the way it works and in it's ineffectiveness.

Let's clarify that we're talking about the small sentence that every user can put in their profile. Also known as "About". It appears under the name of your friends in the contacts list. The default values are usually "Hello there! I'm using Whatsapp" and "Available".

We're not talking about the 24 hours picture you can share with your contacts also called "status".

The status doesn't appear for a contact who has blocked you. But as we said for the profile picture it's not a good indicator because:

Whatsapp status, about: default settings

So let's explore another common method to know if you're blocked on Whatsapp.

4. Write a message to the person

This trick will not give you 100% certainty, but it could be a strong indicator that you have been blocked. Especially if combined with the profile picture and the status method.

When you send a text message to someone who has blocked you, he/she will not receive the message. Only one grey tick will show up and not two. If you wait long enough and still see only one grey tick, after some days you can be pretty sure that you're blocked.

The single grey tick could be due to other reasons though. For example:

Whatsapp single grey tick explained

Another downside of this method is that if you're wrong and you're not blocked after all. You've sent a fake message as an excuse just to know the truth about the block. He/she can perceive this. Especially if all this was done on purpose to try to make you think that you've been blocked.

Our suggestion is to avoid this method. It gives no certainty in the short/medium term and it forces you to send a fake text message. Why should you even try something like this when our method has never failed and has zero risk on your side?

5. Make a Whatsapp Call

The last common method we're going to analyze is the Whatsapp Call. This is a less known trick that works exactly the same way as the message method. The difference is that you make a Whatsapp Call instead of sending a text message.

Whatsapp call answer screenshot

If the call is immediately rejected without any sound, it could mean that you've been block. As for the message it could also mean that he/she turned off the phone or uninstalled Whatsapp.

It's even more risky on your side since if you've not been blocked and the person answers the call. You need to come up with an excuse for why you called. 

Again we recommend you to avoid this method since there is our super easy one. So let's talk about it!

6. Our bulletproof solution [100% Certainty]

We've created a service that allows you to know when someone is online on Whatsapp, it's called I KNOW YOU ARE ONLINE.

When you're blocked by someone, you can't see when they are online anymore. So here's what you need to do:

This is our unique and bulletproof solution. If you want to give it a try you can get started here.

IKYAO Whatapp tracker app screenshot
IKYAO Whatapp online notification

Apart from reveling you if you're blocked, our service can do many interesting things. Like keep track of someone sleep habits. Weekly and monthly reports on online activity. Crossed statistics on two or more contacts to know if they have been online talking together. All you need is the phone numbers to track. You can get started in under 5 minutes!

Thanks for reading!