WhatsApp Hack Only With Phone Number [2021 Hack Tool]

Simple tool to hack someone's WhatsApp using only their phone number. It works even if you have been blocked. It's 100% anonymous, the person will never know that you're hacking their WhatsApp.

Is it possible to hack someone's WhatsApp?

Hacking someone's WhatsApp is something few people know how to do. Since the chats have been end-to-end encrypted it has become harder and harder to hack it. Luckily I will provide you with a safe tool that will gather data about someone's WhatsApp activity.

The only thing you need is the phone number you want to hack. I'll show you how to get started in under 5 minutes. But first let's talk about the risks involved.

Is it dangerous to hack WhatsApp?

If you search on Google for ways to hack WhatsApp you are at serious risk of incurring in malicious software. Not only for you but also for the other person involved. NEVER install a malicious app on your device or on someone's else device. 99% of the times it will contain some kind of malware that you did not intend to install.

The tool I'm suggesting you doesn't need to be installed, it can be used on the website only. You can optionally use the associated app, but it's optional.

The tool to hack WhatsApp [Only With Phone Number]

The tool is called I KNOW YOU ARE ONLINE, or IKYAO. It's extremely simple to setup and it will allow to hack someone's WhatsApp using only their phone number.

Follow these steps to begin:

  1. Signup with Google or with your email at this link
  2. Click on the "Plus" button and insert the phone number you wish to hack
  3. Confirm the phone number and you're done!

It will now start to collect and show the WhatsApp data of the contact.

IKYAO provides a free trial with one contact to follow, but it's possible to hack multiple contacts.

Now that we've seen how to setup this tool, it's time to talk about some of its more advanced features.

5 IKYAO Advanced Features

There are many advanced features you can discover within this tool. These are 5 of the most interesting:

  1. Sleep informations. The software will analyse sleep habits of the hacked contact and provide and estimate and when he/she goes to sleep, wake up time and time slept.
  2. Crossed reports. When hacking two or more contacts the software will provide you a report to find out when it's possible that they've chatted together.
  3. Online notifications. You can activate the browser notifications or you can use the Telegram bot notifications channel to be alerted instantly when your contacts go online on WhatsApp.
  4. Weekly and monthly report. You will receive an overview of your contacts activity every week and every month with interesting insights.
  5. Picture and status tracking. The software will alert you in case one of your contacts change profile picture or status.

Can I hack even who blocked me?

Yes IKYAO will allow you to hack even who blocked you. It's actually one of the only way to be 100% certain if someone has blocked you on WhatsApp. You cannot rely only on the fact that you no longer see someone's picture to know that you've been blocked. Even if the person doesn't receive your messages, you cannot be sure.

We've talked in another post why IKYAO is the only safe way to know if someone has truly blocked you on WhatsApp. You can read the article here.

Can I read their WhatsApp chats?

It's not possible to read someone else's chats without installing malicious software on their device or by unlocking their phone. Any application or tool that promises to do that is dangerous and illegal. We strongly suggest to avoid it for your own safety. To hack someone's WhatsApp in a safe and legal way there is the tool we suggested. 

We hope this post was helpful and we invite you to read the other articles in the blog if you would like to know more about WhatsApp hacking.

Thanks for reading!