Whatsdog: Why It Doesn't Work Anymore [And How To Solve]

Have you used Whatsdog in the past and you would like to use it again? I did too, but here is what I found after a long and deep research:

1. What was Whatsdog anyway?

Whatsdog was the first Whatsapp online tracker that ever existed. It alerted the user whenever one of the followed contacts went online on Whatsapp.

The famous Android app appeared for the first time in the Google Play Store at the beginning of 2014.

Brief history of Whatsdog

The app was created by some talented and passionate Spanish developers. It went unnoticed for a few weeks and then it started to gain massive popularity.

So much so that it reached the top position of the store "Communication" category for sometime. The developers were completely surprised. From their old Twitter account we can see their shock (they impersonate the cute dog in the logo):

Whatsdog original logo: green dog with strabic eyes
The most updated version of the Whatsdog logo
(source: secondlemon.com)

2. The beginning of the problems

Due to this unexpected and astonishing growth, Whatsdog users started to experience major issues with the app. The reason was in part because the app couldn't handle 50/100k new downloads per month. But it was also due to some changes in WhatsApp that the Whatsdog developers weren't prepared for.

Over the course of the summer and autumn of 2014 the app stopped working more than a dozen times. Sometimes for days and sometimes even for weeks! But somehow the developers managed to bring Whatsdog back online everytime.

Google's axe

Was it because of the complaints of many users? Or was it because they didn't like the idea of a Whatsapp online tracker? We don't know the reason why Google decided to point his eye towards Whatsdog. But when it did, it did not like what it saw.

They banned the Android app the 25th November 2014. The developers were not happy and tweeted:
25/11/2014 - "Shit!! Google has removed WhatsDog from Play Store!! :(( Meanwhile you can download it from our website. Enjoy it!!"

They immediately uploaded the Whatsdog APK file to their website. This gave their affectionate users a way to download the Android app. But what the developers missed from the Google Play Store was the visibility it provided. Not just a place to download the app.

Let me tell you about the app itself and not just the interesting history that surrounds it.

3. Whatsdog Android app

The app was really ugly at first, even for that time standards. You can see the interface in the picture below.

Whatsdog old version: followed contact's whatsapp statistics
Whatsdog old version: chart of contact online on whatsapp

It later improved significantly, especially the tutorial section and the store section of the app.

Whatsdog first intro screen: presentation of the app
Whatsdog third intro screen: tutorial with dog on the road

But it was always bad and not easy to use in the online activity section. This section should have been the main focus of the app. Not the shop.

Whatsdog second intro screen: shop house

This could have improved the experience of thousands of its daily users. They spent a significant amount of time and money inside the app and they deserved it.

4. The end of Whatsdog

Whatsdog continued on the path of unreliability for all his existence. Every few weeks the service would stop working, for days or weeks.

The app was uploaded and removed again on the Play Store 3 other times. They even tried to upload an app which consisted only of a link to the APK file to download the real app. But Google removed even that one.

After many requests they made a version for iOS. It was even worse than the Android one and users quickly disregarded it.

WhatsDog stopped working completely in 2016. The developers abandoned the project. The reason was because of the infinite problems with Whatsapp and Google Play that they had. Also they were starting to get some unwanted media attention.

People started searching for the APK file online in dubious websites. Most of the times they installed a non working app, but sometimes they even managed to get a malware. The only safe place to download the APK file was at the developer's official website. Today the link doesn't work anymore: secondlemon.com/whatsdog.apk

5. Download the original APK file

Thanks to web.archive.org it's possible to download the original Whatsdog APK file even today! It's mostly for historic purpose since as I said the app doesn't work anymore. But if you want to have that cute dog on your phone go ahead and install it. We'll also be hosting the APK file to be sure that it will always be available:

Download from web.archive.org
Download from us

You found it meme

6. Solutions

We are all grateful to Whatsdog to have paved the way of Whatsapp online tracking. It is thanks to this app if today we have many alternatives. But beware of the many scams!

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We implemented a lot of features that Whatsdog's developers weren't even dreaming of. Just to make few examples:

IKYAO contacts screen

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Thanks for reading!